All our processes are subject to the standards of the industry and the Official Organisations

Methodology applied in Alcalá Farma:

  • Pharmacopoeia: (Ph. Eur. BP, USP)
  • Methods provided by our clients
  • Methods validated by our development department

We provide the most advanced equipment which the market offers for tests (UPLC/HPLC), spectrophotometers, gas chromatography and other analytical and instrumental techniques.

Chemical Analysis Department:

  • Physicochemical Control of Water.
  • Physicochemical Control of Pharmaceutical Specialities
  • Inspection of Primary Materials (raw materials, auxiliary materials)

Microbiology Department:

  • Environmental Control of Production Zones
  • Microbiological Control of Water
  • Microbiological Control of Pharmaceutical Specialities
  • Control of Primary Materials
  • Antibiotic, LAL and sterility tests

Quality Assurance Section:

  • Process Controls
  • Inspection of Documentation
  • Self-inspection
  • Audits to Suppliers
  • Validation of processes and cleaning