Dossiers and developments

Laboratorios Alcalá Farma LABORATORIOS ALCALA FARMA has the human and technical capacity to undertake and coordinate all the stages of development and production of a new product, whether it is from a molecule which is known, unknown, single or associated with others.

All the phases of development are included in this process, including the definition of the formula, fine tuning of the control methods and manufacture of the registration batches and subsequent launch.

In the case of products which require bioequivalence or clinical tests we also coordinate the different stages with the selected CROs.

Finally, to summarise what is a very important stage, all our developments are carried out in industrial facilities, which guarantees at all times the success of the launch, ensuring reliable production when the product is launched in accordance with the specifications of the registration dossier.

If you are interested or need more information, please contact Laboratorios Alcalá Farma so that we can clarify any queries that you might have and provide you with our best solution for your technical requirements.